1. Jan Kathleen Garcia

    Time travel would really be cool especially if you want to fix whatever you’ve done or said in the past/make your past better or prevent things from happening in the futre. Count me in!

  2. Hi, I would like to take your time travel course.

  3. Hi, i’m interested in your time travel course as well :). If you’re on pision nations or psiwarriors, my username is 14_Pineapples. I hope I can be taught how to time travel because it’s been a dream eversince I was so young.

  4. I would always wonder if time travel was possible. Now I am convinced that it is. I would like to take this course.

  5. Hi I have a problem I can “hop” different universes when passed out and every time I get hurt there I get hurt here I need help to control this so I would like to enroll to see if there is away to control this.

  6. hi please could you enrol me on the course/.

  7. Hi, I too would like to enroll, please.

  8. Hi, I would like to enroll

  9. I would love to enroll! 😀

  10. Hi, I am very interested to take your time travel course. Can you enroll me, please?

  11. Hi, I’m interested in learning to travel time travel, so I have two questions how much does it cost to enroll and how would I go about doing so?

  12. Hello,
    Is it possible to enroll in to the course?

  13. I definetly want to change my past. There are people I wished I never met, things I wished I never done and places I wished I went. Count me in. I want to enroll. There are people I know but I wished I met them some other way. Is it possible?

  14. I would not mind learning more about this, it seems incredibly interesting. I’d like to enroll.

  15. Interested in enrolling.

  16. Panayiotis Argyridis(PANHEATUS)

    I am working intensively and with the believe on various meditations and mind power systems.Working to enhance my thought control and Psi and Chi energy as well. I am a current member to this site. And think this will help me more to walk through my ambition to develop in further more psychic abilities and spiritual powers. I have achieved teleportation , telekinesis, OBE Dream another dream into my dream and wake up in the first dream And many other phenomena connected with soul awakening and hightened energy sensitivities on my environment and beyond.. I would be interested to develop the Time travel ability. .

  17. Panayiotis Argyridis(PANHEATUS)

    Where do I start from with the first two modules you have send me?

  18. The Dreamer of Dreams

    Hi! I would love to enroll! Please let me to be your student

  19. This website sure is better than that other quantum jumping website.

  20. I would love to be enrolled. how do i go about doing this?

  21. How can I join, take courses and visit your school?

  22. send me the info

  23. hello from france. i would like to enroll please thanks

  24. Hello, I would like to enroll too please, thank you

  25. Please sign me in. I would love to enroll in your class

  26. How do I sign up?

  27. I think time travel is possible. Quantum time travel is great if you want to experience a different reality or change your past. This definitely applies to me. That’s why I would take the time travel course.

  28. I would love to take this course.

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