Quantum Time Travel

What is quantum time travel?

Quantum time travel is also known as quantum jumping, altering reality, reality shifting or simply “jumping the timelines”. Contrary to what you might have heard; it happens in the physical and is characterized by objects disappearing, reappearing, and changing locations. It also includes discontinuities in your physical environment such as objects or things in your environment changing form or color. Once in a while jumps will manifest in a more “advanced” form in temporal distortions such as retrocausality, time passing more slowly or quickly or physical “jumps in time” (usually in the order of a few minutes)

The theoretical foundations for this ability (along with its growing development) come from a combination of a temporal variant of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics of Hugh Everett, scalar physics and “holographic universe theory”; along with what is known as “the Law of Attraction”, or the concept that thoughts become things. The cardinal rule of quantum mechanics is that the “observer affects the observed”.. Up to now there has been alot of conflict because since this is “hard science”, no one could understand WHY this would have anything to do with manifesting something positive into your life. One of the cardinal rules of quantum mechanics is that the observer affects the observed because the observer comes into a state of “quantum entanglement” with the observed. This was confirmed by the famous quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf. Once you realize that your mind is an “observer” and thinking about something constitutes “observing with your mind”, then everything falls into place.

We teach this ability as the first of three time traveling skills and consider it an advanced psionic ability, in a similar vein to something like telekinesis for example. Several hundred years ago, these types of abilities manifested randomly in people and could not be explained, let alone controlled. These days abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis and such are much better understood and enough is known about them that people can learn to do them via specific techniques. The course itself is very interdisciplinary and combines practical exercises, along with specific meditation techniques, a healing discipline, tai chi and/or yoga, examples from science fiction, Law of Attraction and quantum physics theory; to provide the student with a solid background in theory and practice to begin manifesting this ability.


  1. Hey there, i cant so good englisch, I have a question about this section

    “Contrary to what you might have heard; it happens in the physical and is characterized by objects disappearing, reappearing, and changing locations”

    is it possible change the timeline and wake up in a another year, not only at a different location ?
    For example the year 2005 ?

  2. The flow of time in our directional vector is quite fast but it is still far slower than the speed the minds awareness can travel. i suspect that we as a race have experienced universe islands and dimensions that are all heading for the most part in the similar orientation.
    The law of attraction still comes with a price even if it is only to never be tested or having to choose. Many ascension paths are dead ends, so having the mettle and experience to win through is not only necessary but to be allowed access to higher levels without protection from a higher source it is fundamental.

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