6 Time Travel Myths BUSTED!

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Exploding The Myths About Time Travel

The fact machine powered time travel exists, and is being developed is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing, because for those wishing to time travel “on foot”, it gives hope. It is a curse because it sets people up with false expectations, thinking that they will time travel the same way machines do. A LEG IS NOT A CAR! They both can get you from point “A” to point “B”, but that is where the similarity ends.

A car can easily move forward at 60 miles per hour, yet it would have great difficulty leaping three feet into the air without any forward motion. A person is just the opposite. They can “jump” three feet in the air, and yet cannot travel 60 miles per hour down a highway.  Time travel is much the same way, so an entirely different temporal mechanics is needed.

People encountering time travel “on foot” have experienced a number of things that were neither predicted by physicists nor eluded to in science fiction literature, except perhaps in a limited way. Time travel “on foot”, gives us many more opportunities to uncover secrets about time and the nature of reality without having to rely on expensive equipment such as the LHC. (Large Hadron Collider). Consequently teaching people to “time travel on foot”, requires a different strategy and a slightly different set of assumptions about the nature of time.  That having been said, let us now proceed to explore and explode some common myths about time and time travel.


Time is linear.  There is a past, present and a future

What You Need To Know:

All moments in time exist simultaneously.  It is often said that the only thing that exists is the “NOW”. Past and future exist in a state of “quantum potential”, wrapped up in the “NOW”. The easiest way to understand this is to pretend you are reading a book. Normally, you read the book from beginning to end, flipping through one page at a time – but YOU DON’T HAVE TO! You can just as easily read random pages if you want, or even read the book starting at the end and working towards the beginning! MOREOVER, you can flip through the pages fast or slow or even stop, or even read in reverse at any speed you like. The “NOW” is just the page you currently happen to be reading. THE ENTIRE BOOK EXISTS NO MATTER WHAT PAGE YOU ARE ON.


Closely related to the previous myth is that events always happen in a specific order (Causality)

What You Need To Know:

In the world of quantum, it has been discovered that effects can precede their cause – RETRO-CAUSALITY. Because the human mind can cause quantum changes at the MACRO level, retro-causality can spill over into every day events.


Much like the previous myth is the myth that there is a so called “Arrow of Time“.

What You Need To Know:

The only way to explain retro-causality is by going on the basis that the “Arrow of Time” is in ITSELF probabilistic; like everything else in quantum and that “forwards” just happens to be at the top of the bell curve. There could be moments when the “Arrow of Time” also points “sideways”, which would explain why alterations of reality occur [see Part Four of the accompanying video series]


Paradoxes can occur. – STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS!

What You Need To Know:

Nature abhors a paradox, almost as much as it abhors a vacuum. In the world of almost limitless possibilities, paradoxes are not possible because each possibility exists in its own world or timeline. Moreover, a timeline with you in it, is NOT the same timeline as the timeline without you in it. If you try and kill your grandfather, the only thing that will happen is that you will end up in a timeline where your grandfather was a different person. There are some people that have speculated that “nature will always conspire to prevent a paradox”. To those people, I say, “I salute you, for you are correct!” Space and Time are “paired” in the same way that Matter and Energy are “paired”.  In the same way that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, likewise two “conflicting events” cannot occupy the same point in time. Like Space, Time is non-linear and multi-dimensional.


A small change in one event will always cause major changes is the future (The Butterfly Effect)

What You Need To Know:

In quantum jumps; often the object that changes is one that has been know to have been in a previous form for months or even years! Yet, strangely nothing else seems to be affected in any way.  Yes, Virginia, you can jump to a timeline where your grandfather was a different person and everything else is relatively unaffected 😀 YOU CAN “MIX AND MATCH” YOUR REALITY AND CHANGE EVENTS ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.


The past is gone and nothing can travel backwards in time.

What You Need To Know:

The fact that people can travel into the past has been discussed previously, as has the topic of paradoxes involved in changing it. Now I want to cover the topic of sending information into the past. Most people don’t realize that the fact information can travel into the past, and the fact that time travel into the future is possible via time dilation, automatically proves time travel without any more complicated proofs being necessary. To believe anything else regarding time travel is Dogma. It always seems like the mystics have known for thousands of years, the things that scientists are only now beginning to discover.  Information has been traveling from the future to the past since time immemorial in the form of prophecies, predictions and even the commonplace premonition. Recently however, it was discovered through the work of physicist John Cramer, that it is possible to send digital information into the past.

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