Quantum Jumping Debunked (Again!)

It’s time to put the “Quantum” back in Quantum Jumping! Unfortunately, there is a lot of “woo woo” out there when it comes to Quantum Jumping.  There are people out there promoting it as some sort of “magic pill” that if we will only purchase some CD, then meditate and visualize, all our dreams will come true! This mis-information is so prevalent, in fact that many people who are knowledgeable in in quantum physics are “up in arms” about it, and rightly so! While a person is not a particle, people can and DO quantum jump; so it’s time to separate the fact from the fiction, and walk the fine line between New Age “woo woo” and scientific dogma.

We really don’t like the term “quantum jumping”, and try to use it as little as possible; preferring instead the phrase “Quantum Time Travel”.  Quantum Jumping (or Quantum Time Travel) is a time travel psionic ability related to chronoportation and chronokinesis, that manifests IN THE PHYSICAL.  Psionic abilities are VERY real. They however, take practice and concentration before one can master them, and quantum jumping is no exception.  While learning quantum jumping (as we define it) and the practice of it can help in developing chronoportation and chronokinesis abilities, it is not the only way to do so and if you are a psion reading this; know that the learning of this skill will complement whatever other techniques you are using.

So the sixty thousand dollar question:  Can quantum jumping be used to “manifest”? (and make all your dreams come true) – The answer is YES, but with certain conditions… The REAL quantum jumping is essentially the appearance of what is commonly referred to as “quantum weirdness” and is typically characterized by items changing color or form and/or warps and discontinuities in time among others. (For a more complete list watch our video here: You May Be Time Traveling)

It’s like learning to fly a hot air balloon or skateboard, you must learn to “tame them”, so the quantum jumps line up with your intention. This you do by the practice of “Law of Attraction” principles which include keeping a positive attitude, being grateful when something positive happens and eating healthy (among others).

For more information about what Quantum Jumping IS (and IS NOT), join us at our Quantum Jumping – Time Travel For Pedestrians.




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