About The Founder

The founder is a 12 year combat veteran with three honorable discharges, a number of military awards and numerous EAC (strategic) assignments, including the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff.  She is a former Druid, Alchemist and former member of the International Alchemy Guild. Demonstrating a number of psychic and psionic abilites at an early age; she has spent the last 35 years researching the ability of the human mind to alter physical reality, both in theory and practice. She has taught a number of courses from languages, computing and trade skills to mathematics; in every type of setting from formal classroom instruction to private lessons and tutoring. She has a passion for Quantum Mechanics, and her professional and academic background is in Information and Computer Science.


Time Travel Vision

Time Travel Vision

About The Institute

It’s not enough to be “awake”. You have to get out of bed! Virtually every spiritual path leads to the development of psychic and psionic abilities after a prolonged period of study. Enlightenment however, is not a “spectator sport”.  You must develop and use your abilities.  Both knowledge about time travel and the development of “supernatural” human abilities have been heavily suppressed.

Regardless of whether you take one of our courses or not, DEVELOP them, ALL of them; because WITH them you are more than “awake”. You are EMPOWERED.

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