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For the last 60 years or so Earth there have been 1000’s upon 1000’s of UFO sightings, ranging from physical craft to balls of light and other aerial phenomena of every shape and size.  Additionally, there have been contacts with beings in the “physical”, astral and even telepathic contact. These beings range in intention from benevolent, through manipulative, down to the downright malevolent. It’s all too obvious to most by now that these phenomena simply cannot be ignored, but the questions remain. What are they? Who are they? Where did they come from? and most importantly “Why are they here and what do they want?”

I believe that ALL of these beings are time travelers from the future, with the benevolent ones being future versions of ourselves and the malevolent ones being advanced lifeforms that we will develop or create through genetic engineering.  The reason that there is such a vast assortment of ships and beings is that I believe they are coming from many different time periods in the future ranging from within the next 100 years, all the way up to millions of years in the future- with the mechanical ones more from nearer our time and the energy type ones further into the future. It is also very likely that they are coming from DIFFERENT probable futures. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, as applied to time travel supports this. Because the future is probabilistic, if you run Einstein’s time dilation experiment multiple times with multiple spaceships, each spaceship could encounter a DIFFERENT version of the future, based on a standard probability curve, known as the “Bell Curve”.  Consequently, it stands to reason that visitors from the future would be coming from multiple possible futures. (Alternate timelines) I also believe that they have traveled deep into our past. It was much easier to lead our ancestors to believe that they were “aliens”, than to try to explain the concept of “time travel” to them, hence the concept of “ancient aliens”.

Viable time travel technology has existed at least since the mid 1940s. (See the home page), but it seems exceedingly UNLIKELY that these beings are “aliens”, and exceedingly LIKELY that these are genetically engineered beings that we have created.

First: The evidence AGAINST the “alien” hypothesis. According to “Xenology: An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence and Civilization” by Robert Freitas Jr., there is such a diversity in the the way that intelligent life could evolve in the universe that the likelihood of extra-terrestrial visitors bearing any similarity to us tends to be slim – and yet these beings have two eyes, two arms and legs, are perfectly comfortable in our gravity and breathe our air! There is also the matter of why in the WORLD these beings would take an interest in a random planet in an insignificant solar system, on the edge of our galaxy!

Next: The evidence FOR the genetically engineered being hypothesis.  There are typically three different types of beings that are encountered: “Nordics”, “Greys” and “Reptilians”. I can show how EACH of these types of beings is an extension of the research currently being done in genetic engineering!

First, the “Reptilians”. These are more than likely “chimeras”. Chimeras are beings concocted from DNA from multiple species, that have been “spliced” together. Reptiles are very hardy in general, and the genome appears to be very hardy as well.  If you want a good and realistic example from science fiction as to how a Reptilian might be created in a lab, I strongly recommend you to watch a movie called “Splice”.

Second, the “Greys”.  These are more than likely a completely artificial lifeform created from recombinant DNA or perhaps some DNA variant such as PNA. After the fiasco with the “Reppies”, no doubt someone would want to create an intelligent lifeform that could in no way, either reproduce or mix with human DNA. Already, simple artificial lifeforms are being created by teenagers in their basements and “bio-hackers”! If I were such an intelligent being and knew I had intentionally been created in a government sponsored laboratory somewhere and knew I could not reproduce, I would be extremely vengeful and desperate for the survival of my species! I would not give one iota for humanity and would engage in abductions, experiments and anything else it would take! (And rightly so)

Third: The “Nordics”. Nordics are often described as tall, blonde, blue-eyed, tanned, muscular (or voluptuous) depending on the gender, extremely intelligent and possessing “special abilities”.  This isn’t too hard to explain either. This is a future where we can pick and choose the genetic qualities we want our children to have.  Who WOULDN’T want their kids to have blonde hair, blue eyes, with a great tan, intelligent…. etc…????

For those out there reading this, that think time travel should be regulated; perhaps you should put a law into place making it illegal to time travel while under the influence of genetic engineering!

For those of you that are “Starseeds“, especially those connected to the “benevolent races”, such as the Pleiadians and the Sirians, I offer up the following possibility: I believe that you can only get the truth when you use both sides of your brain and keep an open mind. Many Starseeds have “Akashic memories” of these places as well as a deep wish to “return home”.  In Astronomy there is something called the “Hertzprung-Russell” diagram which in part tells you the age of a star. Sirius and the stars in the Pleiades are VERY young stars. (Far younger than our sun, and even younger than our Earth!) Vega which is also a point of origin of certain Starseeds, is in fact SO young that it is spinning very rapidly and is “squashed”; apparently getting ready to give birth to a solar system. Consequently the current view that they are somehow advanced beings that existed in our past does not make sense.   So if they are not advanced beings from our past, what could be happening?

My belief is that they are actually US, very far into the future, coming back to help ourselves! (In the order of millions of years) By then I believe we will be SO advanced that we will have the ability to travel and communicate into the past millions of years, using only the power of our minds. I’ve also heard one very well known Pleiadean Starseed, openly saying that the Pleiadeans are time travelers!  I also ask you to consider the possibility that what you think you are experiencing as a “past life” could actually be a “future life” when your spirit is actually in one of these places, and your “desire to return home” or go to the stars, could be to “avoid a temporal paradox”, thereby closing the loop.  I believe that Sirius, Alcyone and Vega are places we will GO at some point into the future.

So why are all these beings here NOW?. I believe it is because THIS is the point in human evolution that we develop time travel, both with and without the use of machines. Time travel is HERE. At the time of this writing there are no less than 10 different types of time travel technologies being developed, not counting the “Gibbs” device. ONE of them is actually a real live “Warp Drive”, being developed by NASA called the “Alcubierre Drive”. At the same time this is going on, there are people like some of us, developing the ability to time travel without machines. I believe both methods will be developed concurrently, and while in the short run machines will be “better at it” than us, I suspect in the long run we will become “like the Pleiadeans or Sirians” and machines will become obsolete. Pleiadeans are oft to remark “We are the ones we have been waiting for” Yes, indeed!

The author is a 12 year combat veteran with three honorable discharges. She has held a number of EAC (Strategic) assignments including the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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  1. For those reading this, I have a few additional thoughts to share. For those wondering who I feel is to blame for this, I would say that while time travel people and genetic engineering people are both to blame, I hold genetic engineering people FAR MORE to blame! Accidents can and do happen, but to create beings like the “Greys” or Reptilians in the first place, is no accident! It takes a concerted, focused effort.

    For those hoping for “Disclosure”, I’m afraid it will never happen; because the truth is far more sinister that just the mere hiding of a few “Grey Aliens”.

    For those hoping for “First Contact” I also hate to disappoint because as much as I believe that we actually WILL find life on other planets, THESE AIN’T THEM!

    For whoever is reading this, to whom it may apply: When it comes to “First Contact” I TRULY hope that the people doing research on Exo-Planets are COORDINATING their efforts with the SETI people when it comes to pointing Arecibo in the right direction! A sniper rifle is far more effective than the “shotgun” approach being used now!

    Lastly, I hope I have provided an explanation which is both scientific, AND open minded; validating for believers and credible for skeptics alike. (Although, you never know, I might end up with everyone hating me!) Exo-politics probably needs to be renamed “tempo/geno” politics. I’d like to see the whole subject of “First Contact” separated completely from this “temporal/genetic” mess, so that when we actually DO meet someone from another planet, we can do so with much more objectivity. Since whenever time travel comes up, the subject of “the aliens” also comes up; I’d like us to be able put all of this behind us, so that we can get on with the business of what some of us like to do best: TIME TRAVEL!

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how unlikely – must be the TRUTH!” – Sherlock Holmes

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